Residents' Charter

It is the policy of Imperial Care Homes Ltd to implement and uphold the residents charter as laid down by professionals.  All residents within our homes will have the right to:

 1.  Be treated with privacy, dignity and respect
 2.  Be respected for their emotional, human and social needs
 3.  Be respected for their cultural, religious and sexual needs
 4.  Be addressed as they wish
 5.  Not be discriminated against for whatever reason
 6.  Be encouraged to live as independently as possible
 7.  Be cared for by the Doctor of their choice (wherever possible)
 8.  Be entitled to discuss their care needs with senior staff
 9.  Be cared for by trained, friendly and caring staff
10. Be entitled to receive visitors at any time and entertain in private if wished
11..  Be entitled to leave the home at any time they wish
12.  Be provided with a choice of nourishing and appetising home cooking
13.  Be entitled to participate in a range of social and recreational activities
14.  Complain about any aspect of the care or service within the home
15.  Keep contact with the local community
16.  Be cared for in warm, pleasant and friendly surroundings
17.  Be represented by an elected residents committee
18.  Be entitled to be represented by an advocate of their choice
19.  Be cared for as we would wish to be cared for ourselves
20.  Enjoy their retirement


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